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Short Term Course

Our short term financial courses can be designed, structured and offered for minimum of five members either through online or offline for 2 hours duration followed by competency test on the subject learned. The test can be taken through online or offline for one hour duration.

Financial Topics:

  • Equity Market Investments − Basics
  • Equity Market Investments − Existing Investor
  • Investment through Mutual Fund
  • Investment Schemes offered by various AMC
  • Portfolio Investment − Equity Market
  • Commodities Market − General
  • Commodities Market − E-Gold, E-Silver
  • Equity Market Trader
  • Equity Futures Trader
  • Nifty Futures Trader
  • Nifty Options Trader
  • Commodities Market Trading − General
  • Currency Market Trading Opportunities
  • Personal Finance Planning

More short term financial topics can be structured for specific case basis on mutual consultation for more details please send mail to shekarm@indiafinancebazaar.com

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