Among the BRIC (Brazil,Russia,India,China ) nations, the fastest emerging economy of China and India has given tremendous return and opportunities to create huge wealth for Foreign Institutional Investors for their investments. Developed nations are showing more interest in investing in Indian corporates through Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) by the channel of equity, debt bonds and venture funding through this route they multiplied their investments in a most profitable with less risk comparing with their home country.

Recently, Indian Government has taken special initiative to encourage foreign direct individual investor to invest and participate in Indian growth; they have opened the gate for Individual foreigners to Invest in Indian Equity Market through Mutual Fund Schemes under the Qualified Individual Investor (QFI) category. Soon, the Government will take steps to invest directly into Indian Equities, Bonds and other Government Debt Funds for foreign nationals under the QFI category.

India is one of the fastest emerging economies with has highest local consumption power which will give more opportunity for the corporates to manufacture and distribute for the local needs. This position is clearly showing an edge over with other developed and developing nations. The youngest population percentage is very high comparing with other countries. This greater strength will drive our Indian economy and corporate growth in a most rapid manner. Presently, the International economic situation created a temporary setback in Indian growth momentum. Prudent Investor would be investing in a growth potential economy when the external factors are not in favour, during this time it is possible to invest in a fundamentally sound scheme which is available in a most discounted price.

Our aim is to help you to understand the exact position of the Investment climate in India and provide adequate knowledge through online training for the individual investor. Through this process we would like to create independent investor to handle their Indian investment portfolio independently. We also provide Investment advisory services in a most structured and profit oriented manner. We facilitate to buy Indian Investment products through online, necessary technical training will be provided through online for the Individual who would like to act on their own. On completion of training, our team will provide continuous support and knowledge updating through our forum and interactive session. Through this platform any Investment related queries can be clarified by the experts.

We also cater same kind of support and services for Non Resident Indians who would like to make investment in their home country. Our continuous support will be there till completion of your Investment process and necessary assistance provided to repatriate the money to their home country for foreign nationals and for NRI's we provide appropriate advice and solution for repatriation of their Investments.

Indian financial service industry has tremendous growth potential in India, NRI's who would like to start new venture connected to financial services, we can provide necessary training and knowledge and backup support to set up the organization fulfilling all Government compliance and statutory procedures to help their venture in a most successful and profitable way.

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